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Teak Wonder Sealer - 1L

Teak Wonder Sealer - 1L


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This teak sealer has been highly recommended by the marine industry and has been used for many years by mariners who swear by it!

This sealer is a silicon based product to be used on premium solid teak and does the following:

-       Keeps the honey coloured timber appearance


-       Silicon based to protect the natural teak oil against UV rays which oxidise and discolour the wood


-       Silicon based to prevent dust and dirt particles


-       Prevent stains from penetrating the wood and is easier to clean


-       Odourless when applied


-       Not slippery, shiny or sticky and dries quickly


-       Very clear appearance and almost invisible when dry


We think this is the best treatment for teak that we have seen!


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Weight 5 kg
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