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Teak Furniture Care and Maintenance

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Generally our teak timber surfaces require little or no care or maintenance throughout the long life cycle of the product.  Our teak is sourced from heartwood timber and contains sufficient oil to give years of resistance to mould and damp, in almost all cases, well beyond the ten year warranty period.

Whilst we do condone use of products such as Teak Wonder sealer, which can keep the furniture's honey-golden colour for many years, these products are best used under advice, in dry conditions, when the furniture has been kept very dry for some time - otherwise it is possible to seal in moisture, which can cause significant problems with mould.

It may well be the case that you wish to oil your furniture to prolong its' life.  Whilst this would not present much risk of damage if applied in the same controlled conditions as above (providing the correct oil is used) we do not believe it will be necessary during the warranty period.

In terms of any furniture with moving parts, we do ask that a little care is given, based upon the very simple principle that any moving part, in any application, should never be left in one place without lubricant for any length of time, lest it would cease to be a moving part.  In this respect, we ask that the folding leaves on our extending tables be regularly opened and closed to prevent seizing up.  Regular cleaning and the application of lubricant to any spindles or runners (silicone based would be ideal) would also prevent this.  If you've left your table uncovered over the winter and found it seized in the spring - please contact us for advice before using any sort of tool or force in an attempt to free it.

There are products available for cleaning timber and specifically teak, however, we would generally advise using a mixture of white vinegar and water, as this contains sufficient anti-bacterial qualities to clean the timber surface without causing damage.  Using a cover over the winter period will help prevent any build up of dirt and grime and will significantly prolong the life of your furniture.

Do not be alarmed if small cracks appear in the end-grain of timbers, as they are perfectly natural.  As the moisture in the atmosphere rises the timber will return to normal. You may also see white patterns appear on the teak - these are simply calcium deposits and are an intrinsic element of Teak - they do not affect the durability, performance or life expectancy of the item.