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Teak Colour Change - What Does It Mean and What Can You Do About It

Many people choose teak garden furniture due to the fact that it is naturally resistant to outdoor elements and as a result, it doesn’t need any protective treatments. Many, however, are also attracted by teak distinct golden brown colour which makes it stand out and gives it a sense of luxury. But over time, that golden brown colour changes into silvery grey.

Why Teak Changes Colour

If you have noticed your teak garden furniture starting to turn from golden brown to silvery grey, there is no need to worry about it. It is a completely natural process which is caused by the so-called weathering (exposure to sunlight and rain). This colour change is purely cosmetic and it doesn’t have any effect on strength or durability of your garden furniture. It also doesn’t mean you have bought an inferior quality teak furniture. On the contrary, it probably means you have bought the highest quality teak as the inferior pieces are typically chemically treated to hide unsatisfactory quality.

Preventing the Colour Change

New teak colour without a doubt has its appeal but the silvery grey patina isn’t any less visually attractive. In fact, many people consider weathered teak even more beautiful. But it is also true that tastes are very different. We therefore won’t try to convince you to leave your teak furniture to age because it is just as beautiful, if not even more so. However, we strongly recommend you not to treat it with teak oil.

Why is It Bad to Use Teak Oil

Teak oil isn’t what you may think it is. If you think that it is oil that is naturally found in teak wood, you are wrong. Very wrong! Instead, it is made from solvents which penetrate the wood and destroy its natural oils. After a few treatments, the solvents destroy natural oils completely and made teak dependent on periodic oiling. So once you start treating your teak furniture with teak oil, you must continue to do so in the future as well in order for it to remain suitable for outdoor use.

How Can You Retain New Teak Colour Without Causing Damage to the Timber

If you would like to preserve new teak colour, we advise you to use silicone based teak sealer. Unlike teak oil, it doesn’t affect natural oil content. It works by sealing the wood’s pores by which it prevents the weathering effect. It too must be periodically re-applied but nothing will happen in terms of the timber’s strength, durability or its ability to withstand the exposure to outdoor elements if you choose to discontinue treating it with silicone based teak sealant. It will simply turn silvery grey.