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Origin of Teak - It Matters, A Lot!

When watching for quality of the timber and manufacture, you should also watch for the origin of teak. And by origin, we don’t only mean the country of origin but where the timber was sourced. Does it come from sustainably managed plantation or was it illegally harvested in tropical forest? Obviously, every retailer will tell you that all their furniture is made from legally harvested teak that doesn’t cause any damage to the environment and supports the local economy. However, not every retailer can prove that they are telling the truth.

The Deep Ethical Challenge of Uncertified Teak Furniture

Every piece of furniture that is made from legally harvested teak must come with a certification confirming its origin. If the retailer can’t provide you with certification that proves their claims, you should resist the temptation to buy. Why? Because the furniture is probably made from illegally harvested teak which is seriously harming the environment, local communities and economy at both local and global level.

Illegal logging is one of the leading causes of deforestation which in turn is responsible for loss of biodiversity and rapidly rising CO2 levels that are warming up the planet. In addition to harming the environment, illegal logging is also seriously harming the local communities by making them dependent on miserable wages for tough and often very dangerous work. Rather than supporting the local economy, illegal teak harvesting traps the communities in a vicious cycle of poverty. But it doesn’t harm the economy only at a local but global level as well because it presents unfair competition to environmentally responsible companies.

What Certifications To Ask For

There are two certifications which confirm that teak from which the furniture is made is sourced from sustainably managed plantations/forests and that the local workers receive a fair payment for their work:

  • FSC certification. This certification is issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international organisation with over 40 member states including the UK. It guarantees that the timber is sourced from sustainably managed plantations (the trees are either replaced or left to regenerate on their own).

  • TFT certification. It is a certification issued by the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT), an international non-profit organisation which was set up by private companies in the late 1990s with an aim to fight illegal logging and promote environmentally responsible practices. Like its name suggests, the TFT seeks to eradicate illegal harvesting of tropical trees such as teak. The extent of illegally harvested teak on the market is unknown but according to some estimations, more than one half of all teak furniture is made from illegally sourced timber.

  • It is also worth investigating the drying process of the timber - Faraway's timber is fully Kiln dried to remove moisture, down to 10-12%.  This cannot be achieved at the roadside.