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How to Clean Your Teak Garden Furniture

Teak is an ideal material for garden furniture due to its resistance to the outdoor elements. In contrary to most types of wooden outdoor furniture, that made from teak requires no protective treatments in the form of paints, varnishes and oiling because teak is naturally resistant to the outdoor extremes. This, however, does not mean teak garden furniture does not require cleaning. Unfortunately, no material is dust- and dirt-proof and teak is no exception.

Routine Cleaning

You do not need any special cleaning agents to keep your teak garden furniture clean and appealing. In most cases, hosing it off with plain water is all that is required to remove the dust and dirt. If plain water, however, does not do the trick, warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth or soft sponge does. Frequency of cleaning depends on your climate and the amount of dirt your teak garden furniture is exposed to but washing it once a week or every two weeks is usually enough to keep it clean and look inviting.

Getting Rid of Mould, Mildew and Moss

High quality teak garden furniture is resistant to water and moisture, however, it is not impossible for it to get affected by mould, mildew or moss especially if it is exposure to extremely high levels of moisture. Although the sight of teak furniture being affected by mould, mildew or moss is terrifying, it is not as problematic as it may seem at a first glance. To get rid of mould, mildew or moss, use a cleaning product that is specially designed for teak or make a cleaner yourself.

To make mould, mildew and moss remover which is just as safe and effective as commercially available teak cleaners, mix 1 cup of any household bleach you have at hand, 1 cup of washing powder and 1/2 bucket of warm water. Soak your furniture with the bleach solution and let it soaked for 5 minutes. Then simply hose off the solution and mould, mildew or moss problem should disappear. Be sure, however, to protect your eyes and hands when working with bleach and remove everything that could be discoloured by bleach away from the furniture. Also, do not let your furniture soaked with the bleach solution longer than 5 minutes. If it begins to dry earlier, however, reapply the solution to the areas that appear to be drying. If you can still see signs of mould, mildew or moss after treatment with the bleach solution, repeat the treatment on the affected areas.

Removing Stains from Teak Garden Furniture

Spilling accidents, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Red wine and various colourful children's juices can leave a highly unappealing stain which, however, is not as difficult to remove as you may think. Often, warm soapy water is enough to remove the stain from teak garden furniture, especially if you clean it up promptly. If you do not remove the stain, it will probably eventually disappear on its own as a result of the exposure to the outdoor elements but it is better not to take any chances and deal with any stains as soon as they are noticed.

If soapy water does not work, you can use a stain remover which is specially designed for teak or gently sand the stained area off. If your teak garden furniture has already changed colour, the sanded area will temporary be golden brown. However, the colour will soon be evened by the sun and there will be no sign of either the stain or sanding.

Teak Garden Furniture Spring Cleaning

Teak garden furniture is completely safe to leave outdoors during the winter as well because the winter temperature extremes, snow and wind cannot cause any damage to the wood. Prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements out of season, however, can result in heavy accumulation of dirt and bird droppings which make garden furniture spring cleaning a highly unpleasant and time consuming job. To make spring cleaning of your garden furniture a lesser hassle, protect it from dust, dirt and bird droppings with a garden furniture cover. Be sure, however, to choose quality water-proof yet breathable cover which covers your furniture completely.

Other Teak Garden Furniture Cleaning Tips and Advices

You are recommended to avoid using chemical cleaners on a regular basis even if they are specially designed for teak wood. Many of the available cleaning agents are harsh chemicals some of which can even cause damage to the wood. Stick to warm soapy water and a sponge, and use the chemical cleaners only if your furniture is heavily soiled and to remove stubborn stains. Use teak cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer or contact the manufacturer for an advice if you are having any doubts or if you are not sure which product to choose.

If you would like to preserve the original teak colour, you are recommended to use a silicone based teak sealant. Clean your furniture before treating it with a sealant and be sure that it is completely dry before you apply the sealant to avoid trapping in the moisture which can cause mould growth.

You are strongly recommended against using teak oil if your garden furniture is made from grade A teak because it destroys its natural protective oils. Once you start oiling teak garden furniture you must continue if you want it to remain suitable for outdoor use. The thing is that most teak oils are made with solvents which replace teak natural oils that play the key role in the wood's resistance to the outdoor elements. In addition, teak oil makes the wood susceptible to mildew. Teak sealant, on the other hand, does not affect the wood's natural oils or its outdoor performance and you can discontinue using it at any time.

We do not recommend pressure washing because it can roughen the surface of the wood.