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Garden Furniture Winter Storage - When, Why and How

To protect your teak garden furniture from the harsh winter conditions and dirt, it is a good idea to protect it somehow when the rain and cold temperatures in autumn no longer allow outdoor living. If your furniture is made from the highest quality teak, you can also leave it outdoors until the next spring without any protection whatsoever because teak is naturally resistant to the outdoor extremes. But for practical reasons, we recommend you store it indoors or protect it with water-resistant garden furniture cover. That way you will have a lot easier job getting your furniture ready for the next season.


Ideally, you should store your garden furniture when you think you won’t be needing it any longer. Depending on where you live, you may be able to enjoy outdoors well into late autumn. In fact, the UK enjoyed many “Indian Summers” in the last decade. So don’t store your furniture after the first rainy week in October. But if cold and rainy weather persists and if it is already the second half of October, it probably won’t get any warmer and you most likely won’t be enjoying lazy afternoons in your garden or patio before the next spring.


Many people who decide for outdoor-proof garden furniture materials such as teak do so because they don’t have to worry about unfavourable outdoor elements affecting the beauty or durability of their furniture. As mentioned earlier, materials such as teak can be left outdoors all year round and they will remain just as appealing and durable as if stored indoors during the winter. Unfortunately, no material is resistant to dirt and teak is no exception. And after sitting out in the open unprotected, your furniture can get very dirty by the following season. It will shine in all its beauty again after you clean it but removing stubborn stains and unsightly bird droppings can be very frustrating and time consuming. By storing it indoors or protecting your furniture with a cover, you will have it ready in no time.


You have two options to protect your garden furniture from dirt during the winter months. You can either store it indoors (of course, if you have the space) or protect it with water-resistant garden furniture cover. In the latter case, be sure to choose correct size and pay attention to the fabric which should also be UV resistant and breathable. Also, it is a good idea to choose a cover with a water shedding pole in order for the water to drain away by which you will avoid eventual moss and mildew problems. Lastly, the cover should have a system such as eyelets, cord locks and ties which keep it place during windy conditions.