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8 Gardening Tips for Lazy Gardeners

Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2020 under Uncategorized
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Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko /Shutterstock

Many of us don’t have the time, nor energy to spend hours upon hours tending to our gardens. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people take shortcuts to ensure their garden looks good, with minimal effort. In this post, we’ve outlined some handy gardening tips for lazy gardeners.

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DIY Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You

Posted by admin on Oct 9, 2019 under Uncategorized
DIY garden ideas
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Want to know how to DIY your garden?

Take your garden to the next level with these easy DIY tips. From making a garden path, pond, to using old draws as a plant bed. These unique and fantastic ideas will be sure to give you the best-looking garden.
All you need is some creativity, motivation and elbow grease to transform your garden today!

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How to Start a Home Vineyard

Posted by admin on Sep 9, 2019 under Uncategorized

It’s important to understand that starting a home vineyard both a time consuming and time sensitive project; those with very busy schedules should think twice before embarking on this journey unless they are ready to make drastic changes.

That being said, making your own wine from scratch can be a very rewarding experience. You will not only have the finished product once you’ve crafted your first batch of wine; you will also carry with you the beautiful hours spent outdoors taking care of your vineyard and grapes. Starting a home vineyard is a great hobby to take up if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle as you’ll need to be on your feet and out in nature a lot.

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6 Ways of Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Posted by admin on Jun 27, 2019 under Uncategorized
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Many of us instinctively intuit the profound shifts in mood which the natural environment can effect in humans. Connections between happiness and environmental aspects are no longer just anecdotal; a growing body of scientific literature has come to affirm this most primordial of human insights.

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5 Ways To Recycle Garden Furniture

Posted by admin on May 21, 2019 under Uncategorized

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Are you wondering how to get rid of old furniture that is looking tired, broken or is no longer fit for its intended purpose? Recycling garden furniture doesn’t have to be stressful. We have five simple eco-friendly solutions for disposing of your unwanted garden furniture.

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Top 4 Summer Garden Trends of 2019

Posted by admin on May 1, 2019 under Backyard, Gardening, Uncategorized
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Summer is right around the corner and with that comes endless BBQ’s and gatherings with all your family and friends. From the months of May to September (excluding the odd day of torrential rain in between) most of your free time will be spent situated in your garden.

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How to Keep Foxes Out of the Garden in 9 Easy Steps

Posted by admin on Apr 15, 2019 under Uncategorized
Image credit: Wesley Cowpar/Shutterstock

If you live in the UK, then you’ve probably seen a fox or two (to say the least) in your lifetime. Whilst cute, they can cause serious damage to your garden, from ruining the plants, to ruining your garden furniture or even causing harm to your pets. If you’re wondering how to get rid of them, here are nine easy ways of keeping foxes away from your garden.

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Minimalist Gardens: What are They & How to Design One?

Posted by admin on Mar 13, 2019 under Uncategorized

Is an empty garden a minimalist garden?

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How To Make A Zen Garden

Posted by admin on Mar 12, 2019 under Backyard, Uncategorized

What is a Zen garden?

Zen gardens, also known as Japanese Rock Gardens, originated as a place of contemplation. The ambient textures, sounds and lighting form a peaceful space for reflection amidst life’s busyness. In recent days, the stand-out gardens have been adopted by the active and the laid-back, attesting to their universally appealing nature.

What do you need to create a Zen garden?

There are seven key components in creating a Zen garden:

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Homes & Antiques

Posted by admin on Jun 10, 2011 under Uncategorized

We are running a fantastic competition in Homes and Antiques magazine to win a £3000 teak garden furniture set – The Barbuda. Take a look here
The end date is the 5th July 2011 so get your entries in quick for a chance to win this prize.