Top 10 Essential BBQ Tips To Help You Host The Perfect BBQ

Posted by Irene on Oct 28, 2011 under Backyard

BBQ is an excellent way to celebrate your birthday or other special event or occasion with your family and friends. To make it a memorable and fun event for everyone, follow these top 10 essential BBQ tips:

1. Buy a quality BBQ. Yes, it is more expensive but only a quality BBQ enables you to give the foods that distinct grilled flavour and enjoy your BBQ party at the same time. In addition, quality BBQ will serve well for a long period of time and even help you save money in the long run.

2. Choose quality meat. Not every meat is a good choice for BBQ. Also, make sure that the pieces of meat are not too thin nor too thick.

3. Do not forget about the vegetables. BBQ is about the meat but your guests will appreciate grilled vegetables too, especially the vegetarians.

4. Have a rehearsal. BBQ party is not the best time to experiment with new dishes. If you would like to surprise your guests with new and exiting dishes, you are highly recommended to have a rehearsal first.

5. Create a safety zone. Be sure to remove all potentially flammable objects from the BBQ and make sure that the kids do not approach the “forbidden“ area.

6. Prepare side dishes and drinks in advance. Place all side dishes and drinks on the table in advance or have your wife or kids do it for you to be able to concentrate on the grilling alone. If you have to leave the BBQ, make sure that someone takes over while you are gone because a minute is never just a minute. However, leave over the job to someone who knows what he or she is supposed to do.

7. Provide entertainment for kids. If your BBQ party will include kids, prepare some sort of entertainment because kids do not have it in them to relax and enjoy the food. Get some balls, board games or have your kids take care of entertainment if having any.

8. Provide a comfortable sitting place. BBQ parties do not last an hour or two and they are not about the food alone. They are about celebrating a special event or occasion with family and friends or simply hanging on with the people you care about the most. A comfortable garden furniture is therefore just as important as the food itself.

9. Pay attention to the weather. Unfortunately, the success of your BBQ party is not entirely in your hands as rain can ruin even the most carefully planned party. It is impossible to predict the weather a few days in advance when you are inviting your friends but you can still postpone the party a day or two earlier if the weather forecast is very bad.

10. Play some music. BBQ parties often bring together people who see each other only on your parties which can lead to those highly uncomfortable moments of silence when everyone are waiting for someone to say something. But a moderately loud music will help you break that silence and perhaps even give your guests a topic to talk about until you join the table.

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