Create A Luxury Garden With These Pool Furniture Ideas

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We have some excellent pool furniture ideas to transform your garden into a useable and luxurious space. Before we get started, it’s best to choose some colours and themes for your garden (if you haven’t done so already). For instance, you could go with a bright tropical paradise, a lush green zen garden or navy beach house atmosphere. Once you have a few ideas, you can visualise your new luxury garden with the best pool furniture.

Pool furniture ideas for a luxurious garden

Choose the best garden loungers

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A sun lounger is a classic swimming pool furniture idea. The best garden loungers are adjustable to accommodate a variety of positions. These types of loungers can be raised upright for reading your favourite book. Yet, you also have the option of sunbathing or napping by the pool.

Another must-have element is the cup holder. Imagine relaxing with your friends on the pool deck. Your guests are likely to be basking in the sun with a cold beverage to hand. That is why the best garden loungers also incorporate cup holders. Remember to choose a comfy lounger cushion that matches your garden’s theme.

Protect your skin with pool parasols

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Everyone knows that Brits love the sun. Perhaps, a bit too much. It is, therefore, no wonder that the British Skin Foundation discovered 60% of English people have experienced skin cancer. That is why we recommend investing in a sun umbrella. While you don’t need to keep it up 24/7, it’s a good idea to look after your skin.

Yet, even for the cynic, there are occasions for the sun parasol over your garden furniture. For instance, when you are working from home on a summer’s day. The sun umbrella allows you to see your laptop’s screen and enjoy the outdoors. A win-win really. As such, the pool umbrella is one of the best pool furniture ideas. However, don’t forget a parasol base that fits your umbrella.

Introduce a garden trolley & floating tray

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The garden trolley is a top pool furniture idea which will  give your deck a five-star hotel feeling. One benefit is reduced journeys from your kitchen to the garden. So you can forget juggling (and dropping) your food and drinks. The trolly is perfect for summer BBQs. If you have a family, then investing in a garden trolley is a major time saver. It is also really useful for individuals who love hosting pool parties.

Once your food and drinks are outside, it’s time to get some Instagram-worthy photos. A floating Ratan tray is the best pool furniture for photos. Although, it also adds an extra touch of luxury to your pool utopia. Of course, you only want to keep a few items on the tray at a time. Store the rest of your drinks and appetisers on the garden trolley.

Incorporate a table and chair set

Raining onto the pool furniture.

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The best pool furniture will depend on the size of your outdoor space. However, no garden is complete without a garden table and chair set. While you can buy individual elements, they need to match. This is particularly the case if you enjoy designing garden tablescapes. You should aim to create a seamless transition from table to chair.

If you are restricted for size, there are a few tricks to optimise your small garden space. For instance, choose a table that extends or items that can be stowed away in a shed. Try and keep kids’ toys or other outdoor items nicely tidied away to jump into the minimalist garden bandwagon. These outdoor pool furniture ideas work best when combined together.

Don’t forget to add garden covers

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The stereotype is true. It rains a lot in England. For that reason, it is wise to invest in a garden cover for your pool furniture. Choose the best garden furniture covers to keep your table, chairs and loungers dry for those sunny spells. Keep in mind, your BBQ needs protecting too.

All of the best pool furniture should be cared for properly. However, you can also choose materials that are weather resistant. Certain types of wood, such as Teak, will reduce the upkeep. After all, you don’t want to be constantly repairing your garden furniture.

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