Making the most of small garden space

Posted by admin on May 18, 2016 under Backyard

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A lack of garden space should never equate to a lack of style. Creating a tranquil and picturesque garden retreat, whilst still optimising the available space, initially, may appear relatively challenging. However, with some careful planning, and the addition of a few simple garden accessories, designing your dream garden could not be easier!

What your garden means to you…

Typically, a garden serves a multitude of purposes. For some, the garden is a retreat used to escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. For others, it may be a social space in which summer BBQs are hosted and children can play. Generally, a garden is often used for both purposes whilst also acting as a visual stimulant for your eyes; something that you can take pleasure in viewing from your lounge, kitchen or bedroom window. A garden should never detract from your home, and should never be branded as lost cause. Even the smallest of spaces can be made into your very own idyllic space.


Indulging your senses

A garden should marry sounds and sights, textures and fragrances. When designing your garden, you should attempt to incorporate accessories that do not invade your garden, but enhance it. For example, bird feeders are small and compact. They can be easily hung from trees and will encourage wildlife into your garden. Birdsong is an audible treat and helps to promote relaxation. Many families also enjoy spotting robins, finches and other such birds that may frequent the feeder.
Your garden should be an inviting area in which you can relax at any time of day or night. By including solar lights, fairy lights, lanterns or candles, you can transform a gloomy, cold and sparse garden area into one that is appealing, warm and charming.


Promoting Relaxation

Your garden accessories and wooden outdoor furniture perform an important function, in that they promote total relaxation. Whilst lying in a hammock, listening to the gentle melodies of wind chimes, or the tranquil sound of a garden fountain; the stresses of modern life are drastically reduced. To achieve that desired idyllic ambience, it is important that your garden is kept well-maintained, as the aesthetics of a garden largely impact upon relaxation levels. Smaller gardens can potentially require less in the way of maintenance, which is beneficial.

Wind chimes

Optimising Space

A garden should stimulate your senses through a range of textures, colours, fragrances and more. With a smaller than average garden, this can still be achieved however, certain substitutions may be made so that the area does not become cluttered. For example, an elaborate flowerbed would intrude upon the space that could otherwise be used for seating or BBQs. It would appear to visually reduce the room in your garden. Instead, opt for pot-plants, with bold, bright and colourful plants. This provides the desired greenery to the area without impinging upon the rest of the garden.

Tip: Look to incorporate plants that encourage butterflies, birds and other forms of wildlife.

Fairy lights

Enjoying your garden

Gardens are often made a social space. Barbecues in particular are popular throughout the summer months. If you have a smaller garden space, you may not have the room for a large BBQ set however, provided that you have ample seating outdoors, the food can be prepared indoors before being taken outside to enjoy. Large beanbags can be a colourful and fun alternative to larger garden furniture sets. You can therefore choose a smaller set and extend the seating area with the beanbags. This idea is usually surprisingly well received by visitors, who often choose to seat themselves on the beanbags, leaving the traditional hard wood seating for those less mobile. The relaxed nature that is associated with the beanbags often encourages a good social ambience.

To Sum Up…

• Keep things simple – too much, and your garden could end up looking cluttered.

• Encourage wildlife with plants, bird feeders and fountains.

• Make your garden accessible by night with fairy lights, candles, lanterns and solar lights.

• Provide ample rest areas so that you can sit and unwind.

• Keep your garden well-maintained and tidy.

• Treat your senses with chimes, aromatic plants and different textures.

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