How to Grow Fruits and Vegetables Without the Use of Pesticides

Posted by Irene on Oct 26, 2011 under Gardening

The pests can seriously affect the yield and in worst case even kill the garden plants. What is worse, they are nearly impossible to keep out from the garden. However, chemical pesticides have been show to be the worst possible solution. They may help control the pests but they are severely toxic to the environment as well as human health. Furthermore, some types of pesticides cannot be washed off or even peeled off which means that garden fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as they were long thought to be. But there is a way to avoid the use of these extremely toxic chemicals and harvest lots of delicious fruits and vegetables. How? By organic gardening.

Organic gardeners strictly avoid the use of all chemicals and uses exclusively natural pest control methods from sowing to harvesting. They manage to protect their plants and produce just as much fruits and vegetables by using different gardening methods, usually multiple which always include providing plants optimal conditions for growth and preventive measures. A lot of attention is paid to garden’s location in order to ensure at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight because the majority of garden plants grow best on sunny locations. Artificial fertilizers are replaced by mulch, compost, manure or organic fertilizers which are available in most gardening centres. The plants are, of course, also provided adequate watering. And when the plants have optimal conditions for growth, they fight off pests by themselves a lot easier. It makes sense if you think about it better. Just like a healthy human is less likely to catch a virus and get seriously ill, plant which is healthy is less likely to get attacked by the pests. And even if it does, it fights them off a lot easier than a plant that does not receive enough sunlight, moisture or/and nutrients from the soil.

In addition to making sure that the plants receive everything they need to grow healthy and strong, organic gardening also includes a number of pest preventive measures such as companion planting and attracting beneficial insects and other wildlife species. The so-called companion plants which are can also be garden plants or sometimes even weeds help prevent pest infestation by attracting pests to themselves or by attracting pest feeding wildlife species which in turn prevent the pests from causing serious damage. In large enough amounts, wildlife species can eliminate pest problems completely which is why most organic gardeners use other measures other than companion plants to attract the into their gardens.

The above mentioned measures have been show very effective, however, sometimes they are not enough to keep the pests at bay. In order to prevent the pests from destroying the yield, it is crucial to inspect the garden on a frequent basis in order to be able to save the plants before infestation becomes too severe. But even if the plants are attacked by pests, organic gardeners do not use chemical pesticides but organic ones. These are made exclusively of organic ingredients such as various plant extracts which do not harm the environment nor human health. And what is more, they are just as effective as chemical pesticides. Organic pesticides are usually made by gardeners by themselves but they have recently also become available in many garden centres.

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