Gardening in Harmony with the Nature

Posted by Irene on Oct 28, 2011 under Gardening

Gardening is a lovely hobby. But a lot of work needs to be done before you are able to enjoy a blooming garden or/and harvest lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, successful gardening requires much more than just sowing and occasional watering. As a gardener, you have to prevent the weeds from overtaking your garden and the pests from harming your plants. However, not all insects and weeds are harmful. On the contrary, many can help you produce even more fruits and vegetables, and enhance the beauty of your flower garden. Surprised? Well, do not be because the more wildlife species visit your garden the better as no species can prevail over the other when a balance is created between the garden visitors. Furthermore, a balance between the creatures living or visiting your garden also prevents the pests from multiplying to the extent to cause damage to your garden plants. After all, the chemical pesticides and fertilizers were introduced only in the 20th century. And if the garden pests would really be so dangerous, there would not be any garden plants left by now.

Gardening in harmony with the nature, of course, foresees avoidance of all chemical substances including pesticides and fertilizers which are extremely toxic to the environment as well as humans. Instead of artificial fertilizers, you can use compost, manure and organic fertilizers to provide your plants a nutrient rich soil. But when it comes to pests, chemicals-free gardening bases on prevention rather than cure. Natural pest control measures start by providing the plants optimal conditions for growth as well as taking advantage of wildlife species and even weeds. As already mentioned earlier, not all bugs you see in your garden are there to hurt your plants. It is right the opposite as most of them actually feed on the garden pests such as aphids rather than on your plants. Insects such honeybees and bumblebees, on the other hand, pollinate your garden plants and enable you to harvest fruits and vegetables in the first place because many plants depend on pollinators to reproduce or in other words, to produce seed containing fruits you grow them for.

Most gardeners cannot stand the sight of weeds but it is sometimes better to leave a few where they are. The thing is that some weeds can be used as a bait for the pests. After all, is not it better to have a few infested weeds rather than your garden plants? And do not worry about the weeds attracting pests to your garden. They come in certain amounts anyway no matter what you do. And if you are too thorough with weeding, they have no where to go but on your garden plants. But if you leave a few weeds, they may choose the weeds instead.

In case of pest infestation, you are highly recommended to avoid the temptation to use those hazardous pesticides and use organic ones instead. Believe it or not but they are just as effective as the chemical ones, if not even more so. But in contrary to chemical pesticides, the organic ones are not harming the environment although they should be used with care as well because they might be harmful for some other species besides the pests.

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