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Many people have experienced the disappointment of planting a flower in their garden only for it to die just a few days later. There can be plenty of reasons as to why a plant doesn’t thrive. More often than not, the most important reason is due to the fact that it’s been planted in the wrong season. If you are in the mood to liven up your garden with some new flowers, then perhaps it would be useful to know which flowers will excel in which season.

Once you have prepared your soil for planting, it’s time to head to your local garden centre and choose the flowers you’d like to grow. But which ones are appropriate to the season you’re in? Here is a list of the plants you can grow for each season throughout the year:

What flowers to plant in spring?

During spring, you will get to enjoy the flowers you’ve planted in autumn, like tulips and strongly scented Hyacinths. However, if spring has just arrived and you are looking to plant some new flowers, lilies are a great option.

Spring is also the perfect time to plant the following seeds: Dicentra (or bleeding heart), crown imperials and evergreen perennial wallflowers.

Because the ground becomes warmer and easier to handle, you can plant other spring beauties such as shrubs and hardy perennials, or for a colourful garden plants like Hybrid primroses and Primulas.

Some flowers to plant in spring are:

  • Petunia,
  • Poppy,
  • Begonia,
  • Calendula,
  • Cornflower
  • Nasturtium (Princess of India),
  • Angelonia,
  • Dicentra,
  • Lilies,
  • Crown imperials

What flowers to plant in summer?

Summer is the time when your garden will look the most colourful and smell the most fragrant because this is the time when the majority of your flowers will blossom. It is advisable to postpone planting anything new in July and August as the very dry weather will mean you will have to spend more time watering them. Therefore, during these months is best to focus on watering and taking care of the plants that have already blossomed.

However, if you don’t mind going though the effort of having to water them constantly, these are some flowers that would do great when planted in summer: Pansy, Viola and Sweet William.

At the beginning of the season, flowers such as white pom-pom flowers and alliums will bloom. Not to mention the heavy scented flowers like lavender which will make your garden smell divine and attract all kinds of wildlife, such as butterflies and bees.

In addition, you can expect lilies to make an appearance mid-summer, while flowers such as Rudbeckia, Crocosmia and Helenium will join the other late summer, from August onwards.

Some flowers to plant in summer:

  • Sweet William,
  • Penstemon,
  • Aubrieta,
  • Pansy,
  • Coleus
  • Myosotis,
  • Digitalis,

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What flowers to plant in autumn?

When it comes to planting flowers in autumn, the types of seeds you should plant will be similar to those you plant in early winter. Therefore, flowers that will blossom in spring are best to plant, such as narcissi and crocus – these can be planted until December.

TIP: Make sure you plant your bulbs three timed below the surface of the ground/soil.

Keep in mind the beautiful colours of autumn: yellows, oranges and reds, so think about adding plants that will change their colours as the season progresses. Think shrubbery such as katsura trees and Japanese maples. Berries are also great for adding a seasonal touch of colour so why not plant some shrubs such as Rosa Rugosa and Pyracanthas.

Some flowers to plant in autumn:

  • Daffodil,
  • Sweet Pea,
  • Anemone Coronaria,
  • Cornflower,
  • Eschscholzia,
  • Rosa rugosa,
  • Pyracabthas,
  • Crataegus,

What flower to plant in winter?

If you think winter is not an appropriate season for planting flowers, think again! There are certain seeds that, when planted in winter, will give your garden a beautiful burst of colour in the warmer seasons. All you need is some teak furniture to entertain guests and your garden will be the perfect oasis  to retreat to in the summer.

When it comes to early winter, this is the perfect time for shrubs that are better planted before the soil gets either too hard or too waterlogged. Roses are a great example of flowers that are best planted in the month of November. Other types of plants that can be planted in November are: daffodils, anemones, narcissus and coleus.

During mid-winter it’s the ideal time to plant flowers such as: brightly berried hollies, yellow evergreen mahonias, honeysuckles or wintersweet.

When it comes to mid and late winter, you can plant flowers such as begonias and sweet peas, which will harvest in summer, bringing loads of colour to your garden.

In January you can expect to see the first bulbs emerging from the soil, these will later turn into beautiful daffodils and narcissus that you’ve planted in the early winter months.

If you want a fragrant garden, look into planting flowers such as viburnum x bodnantense. Viburnum is an evergreen plant and the viburnum x bodnantense are strongly scented.

What flowers to plant in winter?

  • Daffodils,
  • Mahonias,
  • Honeysuckle,
  • Wintersweet,
  • Antirrhinum,
  • Tulips,
  • Begonias,
  • Sweet peas,
  • Coleus,
  • Geranium
Remember to refer back to our handy info-graphic to help you with all your planting needs all year around.

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