DIY Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You

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DIY garden ideas
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Want to know how to DIY your garden?

Take your garden to the next level with these easy DIY tips. From making a garden path, pond, to using old draws as a plant bed. These unique and fantastic ideas will be sure to give you the best-looking garden.
All you need is some creativity, motivation and elbow grease to transform your garden today!

What are you waiting for?

Follow our top DIY tips to decorate your garden now.

DIY a garden path

Wooden Pallet Walkway

wooden pallet walkway
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A wooden pallet walkway is an easy and quick DIY path option, giving a gorgeous effect. Not only does this pathway look appealing, it stops weeds from growing and prevents the ground from getting muddy. Amazing, right?

How to make a wooden pallet walkway

  1. Firstly, use pallets with little cracking and ensure there are no sharp items protruding from the wood. Once you have picked your pallets, measure and mark them to your desired size.
  2. After which use a saw to cut where the markings are. This will create your walkway boards.
  3. Make sure the area is cleaned before placing any boards down. Rake away any dirt or uneven surfaces.
  4. Next, start placing each board in the positions you desire. Once placed in the dirt, drill a nail into each side until the board is anchored into the ground. This will ensure your walkaway stays in place.
  5. If you require a pathway that is curved, use a tape measure to cut the wood according to the curvature.
  6. Finally, fill in any uneven surfaces with dirt or sand.

In general, this pathway should only take a matter of hours! The wooden pallet pathway will completely transform your garden, making a huge difference.

DIY a garden pond

A garden pond can not only look beautiful, but it can provide pleasure, enjoyment and encourage wildlife into your garden. Don’t worry about spending lots of money buying a brand-new pond, create one yourself.

a pond
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ eurobanks
  1. Mark out the size you wish your pond to be.
  2. Start to dig up the area you have marked, to create the dip for your pond.
  3. If you are creating your pond for wildlife, the pond should be no deeper than approximately 30-50 cm. Although this may look like you’ve done no digging at all, it’s the right depth for pond wildlife.
  4. Use a spirit level to ensure your pond level is even. Simply place the spirit level on a piece of wood and stretch it across the pond.
  5. Place a fitted pond liner across the whole dip and ensure you have a surrounding liner around your pond. E.g. you can use the excess turf. This will ensure the liner stays in place and makes the pond look pretty.
  6. Add water. Here you can either wait for rainwater to fill the pond or collect rainwater in your water butts. Tap water/hoses are often not appropriate to use as they contain too many nutrients that can harm wildlife.
  7. Finally, decorate your pond with flowers, stones, gnomes and fish etc.

Reuse old pots and pans for plant beds

old pan being used as a plant bed
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Do you have old and rusty pans?

Instead of throwing them away, you can now put them to good use. Old pans and pots can create a unique plant bed for your flowers. Their hard shell is ideal for outdoor conditions and can create a perfect bed to plant flowers in. Simply drill a couple of holes in the bottom before re potting flowers.

This is a quick and easy way to DIY your garden, making it unique in minutes.

Paint your house number on plant pots

This is a fun and easy idea to decorate the front of your house. Especially if you have children.
Simply gather a few plant pots of your choice and paint your house number on the front. An easy tip to paint the numbers neatly, is to mark the areas out with masking tape. You can also use this idea to paint other plant pots with other decorations and patterns.

This quick DIY garden ideas will make your house instantly identifiable.

Use old ladders to create a unique plant display

Decorate your garden to the next level, using an old, unwanted ladder. Either lean your ladder against a wall. Or alternatively tie two ladders together to stand by itself and add wooden planks across each step to provide a shelf for your pots. Then decorate the ladder and/or shelves with flowers, lanterns, signs and other decorative accessories.

This is a super easy and effective tip to DIY your garden on a budget!

Place fairy lights in old bottles and jars

fairy lights placed in old jars
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Apisit Techajirasin

This is an easy and effective technique to make your garden look magical. Simply place battery or solar powered fairy lights into reused empty bottles or jars. Solar powered lights are recommended as they will be powered by the all-day sun. Making your garden glow throughout the night, avoiding the hassle of changing the lights out. This can offer a cheaper alternative to garden lights, with solar powered fairy lights costing £5-£20.

Try this DIY garden tips today, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Use rugs and cushions to decorate your patio/decking

If you have a decking or patio that is looking dull and un-decorated. This garden DIY ideas is for you!
Use either an old, unused rug/throw or buy a cheap new outdoor rug (places like BnM, Dunelm and Home Sense are great for this). Simply lay the rug over the dull looking patio and watch the transformation.
Using a rug that is patterned on both sides can be beneficial, so you can simple flip it over when it starts to discolour.
Adding additional cushions, garden chairs and/or hammocks etc can add decoration.
This easy DIY garden idea will transform your patio into a stylish and entertaining area. Providing a perfect area for children to play or a chill area to read your book.

Decorating your garden couldn’t be easier!

Reuse old drawers as plant beds.

old drawers being reused as plant beds
PhotCredit: ShutterStock/ Africa Studio

This can be a fun and creative technique to redesign your garden instantly. Bringing a playful touch back to your garden. Simply, replant your garden plants into an old chest of draws. A four-drawer unit is ideal as this provide two staggered tiers to place plant pots on.
If you are feeling even more adventurous you can paint over the chest of drawers with different colours and patterns.

Transform you garden today with our simple DIY garden ideas.

Happy DIY’ing!

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