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Guide: How to grow a fruit and vegetable garden

Posted by admin on Jul 5, 2019 under Gardening

If you are contemplating growing your own vegetable garden, you are not alone. As the price of imported fruits and vegetables are expected to rise by 8% after Brexit, according to The Guardian, homegrown produce is becoming even more appealing. 

Of course, many are also jumping on the garden-therapy trend and committing to boycott genetically modified produce. So how do you grow a fruit and vegetable garden? This guide will cover the ten-step process to help you grow a fruit and vegetable garden from scratch.


1. Carefully choose your fruit and veg

2. Decide where to plant vegetables in your garden

3. Schedule when to plant fruit and veg

4. Purchase the necessary gardening supplies

5. Choose whether your veg will be contained

6. Pick seeds or plants

7. Choose, buy and prepare your soil

8. Plant your seeds or veggie starts

9. Maintain your vegetable garden

10. Collect the harvest from your garden

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