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Garden room ideas for this summer

Posted by admin on Apr 21, 2016 under Gardening

Garden rooms feature

You’ve organised and perfected every last detail in each room of your home, and it’s been domestic bliss during the winter months. But there’s one more room you haven’t thought of. A garden room. Now the weather’s changing and for the first time this year we can venture outside without multiple layers, a scarf and coat. The sun is back and your garden is in need of revival. But where do you start in creating your own sheltered outdoor slice of serenity.

What is a garden room?

If you don’t know already, a garden room is a specific area in your backyard, it is an area for seating, for basking in the British summer time (and hopefully some sun). It’s a chance to add a touch of interior design outdoors.

Where to start

Choose the right spot

This is essential to make the most of the space you have. Some gardens lend themselves to garden rooms with very little effort required to creation and others may need extra thought and planning. The goal is to create the effect of a living, breathing room just like a sitting room in your house, but, in most cases, minus four walls.

Garden room design ideas

One of the defining features of a garden room is the ability to sit and eat outside which makes it a decorative yet functional space that can be enjoyed. But there are many different styles of garden rooms to choose from, here’s a selection of the best ideas.

The different styles of garden rooms:


Garden room open air

These garden rooms require no housing or walls to enclose the space. The above example uses an elegant table set-up set on a backdrop of curved overhead arches to draw focus to the centre and give a feel for the indoors outside. They’ve used floral-themed glass ornaments as centrepieces and added wine glasses and bowls of fresh bread. A set of rustic wicker chairs upon a red-brick patio and overhanging vines give a feel of Italian countryside manor to this LA garden.

Purpose-built structure

Garden rooms summer house

If space (and cash) is not an issue then you can create your garden room as a free-standing separate structure in your garden. This is effectively a summerhouse, but the cedar panelled ‘eco’ style makes it slot into its surrounding effortlessly. Complete with a grass roof, heating and lighting, it’s certainly big enough to turn it into the room of your choice; study, games room, kitchen or guest lodge. And best of all its unlikely it will require planning permission.


Garden Room open plan

Some houses have the ability to transform the space between the indoors and the outdoors. Most people use French doors, but these houses do things a little differently. The veranda of this property is open to the elements, and leads straight from the kitchen. The design of this garden room is impeccable, and we should hope so as it was the thought child of architect, Jonathan Tuckey. The 4.3 metre long collapsible table is set upon grey wood flooring panels and a built-in bench lines the foreground.


Garden rooms natural setting

Aside from trying to make a space resemble a house or specific room that you’d traditionally find indoors, some people have bucked the trend and made their garden rooms at one with nature. Simplicity is this glorious terrace designs strength. And with a few intelligent touches, is something that can be replicated in most gardens. Wisteria is grown over a pergola and the branches are suspended with ties. The pergola frame has been painted a dark green to blend with the foliage making it almost invisible. Cast iron lanterns are hung on all four corners and the white cushions and furnishings have been chosen to compliment the white flowering.

Create your own design

Bathroom garden room

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You truly can make your garden room in to whatever you like. Far from the standard seating area many garden rooms achieve, this garden room has glass window doors and a standalone ceramic double bath looking out over the rest of the garden. Privacy is not a primary concern for this design, but would be perfect as a romantic setting at night or a refreshing soak when the sun rises.

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