The 15 Most Instagram Famous Flowers

Posted by admin on Mar 4, 2020 under Gardening
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As spring fast approaches, deciding which wonderful flowers to plant in your garden can be tricky. From sunflowers to roses the choices are never ending.

So, why not turn to Instagram for some inspiration? The experts at Faraway Furniture accumulated the number of hashtags per flower to discover which one claims first place.

The 15 most Instagram famous flowers:

1. Roses – 28,016,428 hashtags

Roses claiming the number one spot as the most Instagram famous flower should come as no surprise. They are a symbol of love, whose charm and beauty make for a very appealing display.

2. Cherry Blossom – 8,889,756 hashtags

Cherry blossoms claimed the second spot in the top 15. The striking displays of cherry blossom thrive and grow throughout spring, so we can be confident to see more of these in the following months.

3. Tulips – 6,390,691 hashtags

Tulips have over 6 million photos on the ‘gram, making it the third most Instagram famous flower. With Spring incoming, these numbers likely to increase as they start to bloom around the UK.

4. Orchids – 6,352,846 hashtags

Orchids take the fourth spot, with 6,352,846 hashtags on Instagram – 37,845 less shares then tulips. Orchids are the perfect flower, being suitable to grow inside and outside. 

5. Lavender – 5,182,333 hashtags

Fifth spot is taken by the Lavender plant, which has over 5 million hashtags on Instagram. The plant’s fragrant scent makes them perfect addition for any garden space.

6. Sunflowers – 3,508,421 hashtags

Sunflowers are a great addition for your garden, with their bold and colourful appearance being favoured by everyone. But they’re rarely spotted, which may be why they’re the sixth most Instagram famous flower, being hashtagged 3,508,421 times.

7. Hydrangeas – 3,146,796 hashtags

Popular Hydrangeas take the seventh spot, thanks to gaining over 3 million shares on Instagram. Hydrangeas are the perfect choice if your looking to add a splash of colour into your garden this Spring.

8. Peonies – 2,473,804 hashtags

Coming in eighth place are peonies! This flower is a great choice if you’re looking to make your garden pop this Spring, as no matter which colour you go for, they will instantly make your garden boom.

9. Hibiscus – 2,092,696 hashtags

The ninth most Instagram famous flower is claimed by the hibiscus flower. They are highly durable and perfect for attracting wildlife into your garden – especially hummingbirds and butterflies.

10. Dahlia – 1,775,058 hashtags

The tenth spot is taken by Dahlias! These flowers are beautiful and will instantly make your garden come alive this Spring.

the most instagrammed flower

11. Daffodils – 1,255,324 hashtags

Daffodils are a great choice for your garden. With their bold beautiful look, these flowers can benefit your garden in a number of ways.

12. Poppies – 1,179,250 hashtags

Poppies are a simple way to brighten up your garden, being a perfect choice this spring.

13. Daisies – 1,036,080 hashtags

Daisies received over 1 million hashtags, making them the thirteenth most hashtagged flower on Instagram. The flower symbolises innocence, purity and new beginnings- making them a favourable choice.

14. Lilies – 996,445 hashtags

Lilies just fell short of gaining 1 million shares on the ‘gram’. From pink to orange, lilies comes in many different colours- providing a stunning display for any garden.

15. Ranunculi – 621,854 hashtags

Unfortunately, Ranunculi were the least popular flower for the ‘gram, earning just over half a million hashtags.

Which is your favourite flower from the list?

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