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This is the third company that I have bought a set of this size from in the last 2 years. Each previous time, we have had some problem. Once I bought from a local company advertising their teak furniture as half price and the set arrived full of mould. The driver said its not mould but the teak oil (blatant lie). The table cracked so demanded a refund. The second time, 4 or of the 8 chars were already coming loose and the table was very warped. Again, had a refund and sent it back. This time, we decided to spend a little more and I cant begin to explain the difference in quality. Its like night and day. The worst part is that each of the other companies tried to convince me their set was the same as this Faraway set but priced cheaper. I now know first hand that that was also a lie. This set from Faraway is nothing like the cheap sets they tried to sell me. Yes, its more expensive but well worth the extra cost. Tip: ask Faraway for assembly service which they sometimes offer for free if specifically requested. I was watching the men put the set together and it seemed very heavy and I doubt I would have managed it with my husband alone