About Teak Wood

Large Teak TreeFaraway Garden Furniture is made exclusively from the highest quality Javanese teak, a close grained hardwood which is rich in natural oils and rubber.

Teak is one of the strongest, hardest and most durable of all woods. It is naturally resistant to rotting and the effects of the weather including the sun, rain, snow and frost.

The outstanding properties of teak wood make it an ideal material for garden furniture. It can be left outdoors all year round regardless of your climate and it will not lose its aesthetic appeal, strength or durability.

The first teak plantations in Java were created by the Dutch. Today, they are owned and managed by the Indonesian government which allows only a limited amount of teak trees to be felled. All felled trees are replaced in order to ensure a sustainable source of teak wood as well as to preserve the country's natural resources. Teak wood for Faraway Garden Furniture is sourced from Perum Perhutani teak plantation and we hold a certificate from the Indonesian government.

Faraway Garden Furniture is made only from the highest quality heartwood or grade A teak which is made from trees that are at least 80 years old. Also, teak wood we use has been kiln dried to 8 – 12% moisture levels. But you do not have to trust us on our word. On the contrary, we urge you to compare the quality of our furniture with that offered by the manufacturers who use low quality teak wood which is high in water content and low in protective oils. Also, pay close attention to the quality of workmanship which does not only have a major influence on the furniture's aesthetic appeal but its strength and durability as well.

How to Care for New Teak Garden Furniture

Teak is virtually care-free.

If you consider the silvery grey colour of aged teak appealing, then your teak garden furniture requires virtually no care. In contrary to other types of wood, teak does not need any oiling, staining or varnishing to make it suitable for outdoor use and extend its durability. Treatment is required only if you would like to preserve the golden brown colour. Whether to treat your teak garden furniture or not is completely up to you to decide. It will not, however, have any effect on its strength or durability.

Occasional cleaning with mild soapy water and a gentle cloth is virtually all that is required to keep your teak garden furniture looking beautiful. Please keep in mind that extending tables should be lifted or moved only when in compacted position by holding the support frame. Never lift the table by holding the table top.

For stubborn stains that cannot be removed with soapy water, use teak cleaner or simply sand the stained area in the direction of the grain.

Properties of Teak Wood

Teak (Tectona grandis) is native to south and south-east Asia. Mature teak trees can grow up to 150 feet and have large, reddish-green leathery leaves which fall off during the dry season. Teak wood contains high amounts of natural oils and rubber which literally make it outdoor-proof by making it water- and mould- resistant and by repelling wood-eating insects. This along with its unparalleled strength and durability makes it one of the most sought after materials for outdoor furniture.

CertificateTeak wood that is imported from Indonesia must be certified by the government. The certification guarantees that it is legal and that it is sourced from legal and sustainably managed teak plantations.

Strict environmental laws help save teak in its natural environment, protect biodiversity and reduce deforestation.

To the left our certificate is shown . To enlarge, click the image.

Interesting Facts About Teak

In cave temples in India, over 2 millennia old pieces of teak were found amazingly well preserved.

In the 18th century, teak wood was the most desirable material for warships not only because it is water resistant, strong and durable but also due to the fact that it does not splinter.

Freshly cut teak wood does not float.

The local communities in Java use teak leafs as sandpaper.